d hirokane


Born & raised in the Bay Area and currently settled on Ohlone Land, D is a genderqueer Japanese & Irish educator, Reiki medicine holder, community cultural worker, organizer, writer, film photographer, and abolitionist. Their goal is to use energetic medicine, education, self exploration, and visual documentation as tools of liberation, providing others with perspectives & experiences that build acceptance, radical compassion, interdependence, and self-determination. They are honored to be in right relationship with our Mother Earth, sharing the practices of veneration, respect, and offering they have learned from their teachers and guides.

As a Reiki medicine holder, D works directly with Great Spirit to offer a clear pathway for others and their own inner healing. Raised with Buddhist and Shinto ancestral practices and impacted by incarceration through both family lineages, D has dedicated their life to studying and healing their own trauma in order to share this perspective with others. D holds great humility & reverence to be gifted with this ancestral Reiki practice and has dedicated self to share this medicine with our most vulnerable communities. They believe Reiki is a form of living reparations, and is indebted to share with those who may benefit most ~ houseless, queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, incarcerated, poor, and young folks.

Believing that intuition/inner knowing is stronger than any external message, D feels healing starts at home in the body, and that transformation of our world is possible when we dedicate ourselves to living in the fullness of our truth. D encourages the development of spiritual and cultural ancestral practices as a form of personal liberation and a way to actively push back against the systems and forces of capitalism, colonization, and imperialism.

For all bookings related to Reiki, community work, or photography contact: danielle.hirokane@gmail.com

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